HIGH Fitness

Jump . Burn . Dance

Aerobics is Back! Bigger, Better HIGHer! Experience more than just a workout. Simple, intense, consistent, inclusive and fun, HIGH gets participants addicted and coming back for more! HIGH has taken old school aerobics to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as HIIT training, Plyometrics and more! You can go HIGH or you can go low but you will always leave feeling HIGH!


Power Flow
Deepen . Amplify . Control 

Synchronize your movement to breath. Yoga Flow leads your body through a series of controlled and supported moves, allowing your body to reconnect with itself, restoring energy to both body and soul. Find the ability to increase flexibility and strength with every class, finding power with the purposeful control of yourself. 

Yoga Soul

Unwind . Recover . Reset

This gentle practice allows you slow down and listen to your body, holding each pose and transitioning with intent and mindfulness, discover an appreciation for a slower practice as our your body and mind asks you to "be" and to "accept".

Finish your class off with a warm cup of seasonal tea to warm your body and your soul.



Abs To Booty Burn
 Activate . Sculpt . Tone

Abs to Booty Burn is set up to deliver the functional strength and stability training you needs for your perfect backside, tight abs, and lean legs! This class makes use of  your own body weight, resistance bands and other smaller equipment. Get it!

Tighten + Tone

Controlled . Strength . Balance

This low impact, paced out workout focuses on slow and controlled movements, engaging every muscle to feel that deep burn! 10 Exercises utilizing both body weight and a variety of exercise equipment to keep that body fresh and engaged!