How may people can Friendship Fitness host at one time?
We recommend no more then 8 people and 1 teacher at one time.

Does the renter pay for the use of the equipment?
No, the equipment is all included in the rental price

Does our rental time include set up and clean up?
We do our best to leave 15 minutes between all class rental times, before and after, so there is time to both set up and clean up. You do not pay for that 15 minute buffer.

Why are some of the rental times locked in at only an hour?
During some of our peak hours, to allow for the best use of the space for all instructors, we block certain times in the schedule.

Are renters expected to clean the space?
We ask that all renters wipe down the equipment they use after their booking, and the entire space is thoroughly cleaned by building staff every evening.

If we are hosting a workshop, can we bring food into the space?
We do not allow food in the space, however there is a cafe within The Village where you can both purchase food or bring food you have made to eat.

Can we burn incense during class?
We do not allow any of the burning of anything in the space. We have a diffuser with both lavender and lemon for renters to utilize at their convenience.

Do you offer refunds for inclement weather?
We do not offer any refunds based on weather.

Does your space have a sound system?
Our studio has a plug and play sound system that fills the entire room with surround sound.