Gyms and Studios can be intimidating to start with, so we wanted to give you a couple options to check out the studio and ease into your Healthy Life Journey with us! Whether its tight small group strength training, energetic cardio or soulful yoga classes, we offer everything you need to be the most vibrant version of yourself!


Heres the thing... We only get one shot at this life, and it is so easy to find excuses not to care about our health, even though it affects ABSOLUTELY OUR ENTIRE BEING!!! We believe in balance, like salad then pizza, water then wine, but most importantly exercise so we can have all the dessert! Club Friendship was created as an affordable option for every person to join a supportive community and find their healthy balance.

Want some one on one toning? Check out our Small Group Strength Sessions!
Gotta get that sweat on? Kick it into high gear with HIGH Fitness!
Need some time to catch your breath and clear your mind? Slow down with Yoga Soul

Welcome to Club Friendship.

Monthly Unlimited too much commitment for right now?
Want to workout at your own pace?

Pick yourself up a Punch Pass! Attending each class at your convenience, with each punch pass valid for 365 days after your first class!