Looking for a studio for your next workshop, photoshoot or special event?

The Friendship Fitness studio is available every Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 9pm for public rentals. We aim to keep our space affordable and accessible to everyone!

You will have access to all of our amenities, including lockers, equipment and sound system. Our 1000 sq/ft studio features multiple textures, greenery, tons of natural light and can comfortably host 25-30 people at one time.

10 x Yoga Mats, 20 x Yoga Blocks, 20 x Yoga Straps, 20 x Pilate Mats, 20 x Pilate Balls, 1, 2, 3 and 5lb weights, 4 x 10lb Kettle Bells, Tension Straps, 20 x Skipping Ropes, 1 x 12 inch Plyo Box, 5 x Foam Rollers, 5 x Large Bolsters, Electric Candles, 60 Feet of Dance Barres

Weekday Timeslots are $25
Weekend Timeslots are $100 each

Each timeslot is 2 hours.

Friendship Fitness has 80 free shared parking stalls for everyone to share and utilize!


We would absolutely love to host you in our space!

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Start Date of Your Event/Workshop/Program
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- Weekday Time Slots are $25 per booking - Weekend Time Slots are $100 per booking PLEASE NOTE: These times INCLUDE set up, tear down & clean up. A $75 charge will be added if you go over your allotted time.
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Need longer than 12 weeks? Rebooking happens 1 month before the end of your term!

Thanks so much! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!