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Ecstatic Dance Hosted by The Dance Hive

  • Friendship Fitness 4039 Brentwood Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T2L 1L1 Canada (map)

This is a space created for you to dance, move, shake, sweat and to express the inner rhythm of your body.


Connect to your inner truths. 

Move energy within the body.

Inspire creation within. 


Dance your dreams awake! 


What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance encourages you to discover creativity, confidence, and harmony through movement. The dance is gently guided with breath-work to energize, cleanse, and to calm the body. Learn to truly listen to what your body and heart need through this meditative movement practice. 


Allow the soundscapes to move you, let-go, and move freely without any verbal communication or social distractions. 


Dance has been scientifically proven to improve neurocognitive health, visual recognition, and reduces the risk of dementia. It increases positivity, sense of self-confidence and appreciation, all while strengthening community relationships.


No Dance Experience Necessary.

We Welcome Both Men & Women.





Samureye will be weaving together intricant soundscapes to move us through the evening. 

Ashley Dawn will be guiding breathwork, and movement to induce inner exploration. 


No dance experience is necessary. 

Both Men and Women are welcome.


Friendly Reminders:

Bring a Water Bottle

Wear Cozy + Comfortable Clothes


100% of proceeds are going to support Virunga - Our First National Park in Africa - to help SAVE OUR COUSINS :)


Investment: $20.00

Or email transfer to the



Why African Wildlife Foundation?


Firstly, we love elephants and apes! I had a beautiful bonding experience with elephants when I traveled to Thailand. I was blessed to visit a elephant conservatory and ever since then I have adored the elephant family. Taylor loves and appreciates our closest cousins and believes that the conservation of their ecologies and lives are detrimental to our own.

Africa is one of the richest continents in the world, yet it has some of the poorest countries that still remain undeveloped.

We all bear responsibility for this sorry situation every time we thoughtlessly fill our cars with gas, buy a gold or diamond wedding ring, sip a fizzy drink in an aluminum can or use a cellphone.

By supporting the African Wildlife Foundation we are helping conserve and decrease the number of endangered species by helping protect the national parks that these innocent creatures dwell in, while at the same time cutting down on the needless exploitation of valuable resources. This foundation also educates local communities on the importance of Eco-tourism.

As we gather to dance, we honour the lineage of dance. From the time that the first African tribes, our ancestors, gathered to dance in celebration of life, to the modern club culture, us humans have kept dance alive. This dance not only gives back to our brothers, sisters, and cousins, it can also enhance our own physical, mental, and emotional well-being, while honouring an ancient ritual of celebration.

Together, we can give back to the land where it all began.