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Rise for Water


Play. Learn. Explore. Connect.

---> 25% of all proceeds will be invested into
---> 25% of all proceeds with be given to CAWST.

Nearly 5,000 children die each day from water-related diseases, and we're not okay with that. Join us, and let’s change this statistic together. 


(12:00pm – 5:30pm) ***Kid Friendly***
There will be sign up lists at the event, so get their early and sign up for the workshop(s) that you want to attend. 

12:00pm Opening Ceremony
Chantal Chagnon - Prayer, Song, and Water Blessing

12:30pm Yoga with Jessica
Jessica Laporte
In this 45 minute class we will explore our connection to and relationship with bhuta of water. This class will be accessible to all levels, bring a friend, come find your flow!

1:30pm Creative Connections
Braden Lyster aka Troo Knot 
We are all creators by nature but have been programmed to forget this beautiful fact. Perfectionism, impatience, laziness, and fear prevent us from tapping into the true force of our creativity. Luckily there are many ways to move past these common obstacles. 

2:30pm Contemporary Dance Workshop
Kyra Newton
inspired by modern dance techniques, ballet, floor work, ecstatic dance and improvisation. Her choreography ties together free form movement with techniques that expand how one can move the body. As we dive deeper into the element of Water we will uncover the strong connection to the emotional body and our own self-expression.

3:30pm Embodying Confidence
*Learn what confidence looks and feels like in the body and why the body is such a powerful leverage point for change and increasing our confidence
*Gain simple, powerful, concrete tools you can use to contact and embody feelings of confidence, joy and vitality in your day to day life
*Get clarity on common barriers to feeling and showing up with confidence and how you can shift these for the better

We will be exploring these through a combination of movement & body awareness exercises, discussion, sharing and reflection.

4:00pm Rain Water Harvesting for Edible Gardens
Luke Kimmel
Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth. When rainwater is properly used in a garden, it can become one of our greatest natural allies; however when left unmanaged it can have an equally destructive and erosive effect. In this presentation we will show examples of how rainwater has been successfully put to use, and you will learn about many of the principles and techniques that are involved. This presentation will focus in on rainwater harvesting for edible forest gardens; which are gardens comprised of trees, shrubs, and perennial plants designed to mimic natural forest ecosystems. We will show how the combination of these two strategies can be used to create gardens that, once established, will thrive with little to no supplemental irrigation - all the while helping to regenerate the natural ecosystem, provide healthy local food for humans, and create beautiful, low-maintenance gardens. 

5:00pm Closing Ceremony
Alara Payten

*****Kids Zone*****

2:30pm Karen Berry
Kmotion Dance Games and Giggles
Miss Karebear guides and facilitates several fun dance games using imagination, musical instruments and props. Get silly while gaining rhythmic expression, body awareness, timing, space and characterization. This workshop is appropriate for kids 3yrs - 93yrs (1-2yrs with adult)

2:45pm Roving Performance by Kate Ryan
Hula hooping clown and humanitarian Kate Ryan is one of the most versatile and accomplished performers of her age. An exquisite entertainer and circus artist, Kate and her team provide award winning performers to corporate clients and festivals around the world. On stage she shares a unique blend of playful mannerism and contemporary circus.

*****More TBA******




(7:00pm - 12:00am) ***Adults Only***

***Dance Party***

Anchor Hill
:: Victoria, BC ::

Where sky-ships come to moor, where moss is thick and old roots grow deep… Anchor Hill is an eclectic blend of classically influenced electronica and dance music, inspired by nature, love, visionary culture, and technology. Future bass music that borders on downtempo psychedelic, full of organic sounds, live wind instruments, great vibes, world beats, and a soulful dose of glitch. Each arrangement explores many ranges of style and emotion, reflecting our own unique experiences of life.

Rich "Anchor Hill" is a multi-instrumentalist with a background in classical and jazz; not only a talented musician but a genre-defying DJ/Producer, he has been featured at world-class festivals including Envision, Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest, and Shambhala. He has played alongside acts such as Deya Dova, Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Desert Dwellers, Plantrae, David Starfire, Drumspyder and more.

:: Calgary, AB::

Not to be confused with a tasty fruit beverage, the name Melo.Nade stems from the downbeat (yet heavy hitting) grooves and the fluid flow of the vibe. It's dynamic and sauced with many sounds, from lustful world beats to R&B/hip hop and crunchy bass music - the common denominator is the melody. With over 13 years behind turntables Melo.Nade has a refined ability to journey through sonic landscapes. Being classically trained in piano, Melo.Nade's productions aim to fuse the many worlds of music into a cohesive sound (hip hop, bass, classical, and world beat). Expect an elating dance floor experience with lush, seductive sounds sauced with intelligent design.


Troo Knot:
:: Calgary, AB::

Troo Knot is a musical messenger sent here to unleash the sonic paradox of nature. His Futuristic Jungle Jazz sprinkled with Hip-Hop and Humour consists of heavy bass lines, mystical melodies, thought provoking lyricism, dream inducing sound design, and a splash of madness. His studio work sprinkles wonder in your ears and his live show will force you into a joyful confusion of grooving, laughing, and wondering what this dude ate for breakfast. This Bass Monkey is a chaos connoisseur that loves adapting, mutating, and evolving to thrive in any environment. From acoustic lounge vibes to the big stage bass circus, Troo Knot is here to entertain with his multitude of creative elements, Including Keyboard, Beatboxing, Singing, Rapping &Live Looping.

:: Calgary, AB::

Samureye is a beat slicing mystic from the depths of your primordial self. He has manifested
into this physical dimension to bring peaceful melodies, deep bass lines, ancient rhythms and enlightening soundscapes to the dancefloor. His guidance through time-warped-future-dream- states of musical nostalgia will leave you soaked with a sense of exploratory accomplishment.

All Day Pass $45.00  
Day Time Pass $30.00  
Evening Pass $ 20.00 

Child/Youth $15.00

Children 6 & Under FREE


Presented by: The Hive YYC


Our mission is to bring community together to feel the healing from movement, receive the wisdom from experience, and to explore the power of herbal medicine to support people to integrate a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. With great respect and reverence to the earth’s environment The Hive YCC is socially and environmentally accountable for our actions and impact on this planet, as we bring our services and products to you.


We will become the well-nourished, tenderly ambitious, and creative human’s that we want to be. While feeling connected to our local and global community, and sustaining the energy needed to live abundantly and harmoniously with the earth.