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The Orenda Movement Hosted by Marin McCue and Lucy Dunne

  • Friendship Fitness 4039 Brentwood Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T2L 1L1 Canada (map)

Come for the experience, leave with the tools and motivation to affect change in yourself and in the world....The Orenda Movement!

  • From frazzled to grounded
  • From a sense of lack to a new found direction
  • From lost to found

Join us for a day of inspiration as Lucy Dunne (@dunnebells_) and Marin McCue (@dopeame) guide you through the integral steps of removing what is not you so that you can get in touch with the purest form of who you are, and who you desire to be. Experiential learning and guided conscious communication, so that you leave with motivation and momentum to continue the shift of positivity and intentional action towards your health and life goals. Come for catharsis and connection, leave with tools of empowerment and a sense of belonging in your mind and body.

When: Sunday April 29, 930am-5pm

Where: Friendship Fitness (The Village community centre, 4039 Brentwood Road NW - a few steps away from the Brentwood train station)

What to Expect: Marin and Lucy are passionate about healing the world, one empowered individual at a time. This collaboration will provide you with two inspiring coaches with several years of experience and success in their own entrepreneurial pursuits and mental health. Guided meditation, guided journalling, yoga, goal setting, and body weight fitness!

We beleive you have everything you need already inside of you, and we want to help you uncover it and embrace it. 

****Daycare option also available for half the day ($55) or the full day ($90)! Please reach out if this is something you would need/want and we will give you all the details. The daycare is only a few feet away from the studio. Your child will be surrounded by art and will be engaged with crafts all day long!

The outline for the event will follow these four pillars:

1. Deconstruct the self

  • conversation and exploration in vulnerability,
  • guided meditation to get to know the many layers of you and remove the labels that are not you,
  • guided journaling for reflection, questions, and self-inquiry

2. Believe in self

  • learn the power of belief,
  • how to identify limiting beliefs and how to shift when you land on a limiting belief,
  • the importance of high-quality questions, self talk and mindful movement,
  • a Chakra Pop yoga class to connect with your well-spring of wisdom

*lunch break with mindful eating challenge. Either bring a lunch or be prepared to venture into Brentwood with suggestions for the best nourishing options based on your current mood, energy levels, and needs. 

3. Re-Create self

  • goal setting,
  • create your leading-self declaration/mantra,
  • action steps to stay motivated and keep yourself accountable,
  • powerful tools to practice mindset shifts when you need them most!

4. Elevate self

  • steps to your peak state,
  • tools and tips to continue cultivating your mind-body connection,
  • Bodyweight Fitness!


Is this Event for you:

Are you feeling stretched thin and in need of a day to restore your energy and reconnect with YOU?

Are you in search of your purpose?

Do you love new experiences and want to learn more about who you are and what lights you up?

Are you passionate about supporting and connecting with younger generations and eager to continue to learn and grow?

Do you want the tools and steps to create the life you desire?

Are you curious to know which voice to listen to and how to develop stronger intrinsic motivation?

Are you searching for bigger conversations within a community of like-minded people?

Are you passionate about growth and inspired to continue your journey to Evolve?


Yes to any of these questions? You are in the right place and this event was created for you! We would love to have your commitment and support in spreading the word to other people in your life who need a boost in motivation, a reminder of their immense power, and a day of inspiration, fun and support. Let's make some magic together xoxo